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Glass Wing Retold is a video game project in progress by From Soy Sauce LLC.

Glass Wing Retold is a video game project in progress by From Soy Sauce LLC.
New Features:
Metroid Prime style Z-target. When targeting, the first check will be if something is near the middle of th screen space, then the game will run a Zelda style check (if something is directly in front of Mayfly.

Zelda style indicator that an object can be targeted.

3 new areas in the dreamscape.

There is a pushable block in Mayfly's house so that the player can learn pushing mechanics in a simpler area.

Optional hint prompts.

New Hair Styles.

Changable hats.

Old Features:
End of training grounds
intro to dreamscape 1
addition of dreamfish enemies
hard look powerup
trail effects
dust effects

Removed Invisible Ledge from Ztarget training area
Fixed dynamic bone physics for 60 fps
Fixed Finger's in second outfit

Fixed weird drawing glitch (hopefully)
Added ability to turn off bump-maps, with the GFX setting

Fixed camera clipping glitches
Added Norwigian translation
Added Training Grounds
Pushable Objects

Special Halloween Costume
More Focused Camera
Fixed Spanish and French Translations

Take Damage
Jump On Poles
Transition to new areas
Take Damage
Respawn from falling off the map
Center Cam
Auto Cam
Target Reticle
Throw Throwable Items at Target
HP represented by wings

Dive Jump
Pick Up Items
Drop Items
Put Away Items
Shuffle Items
Use Items, sometimes optional directions
Use items in the air
Yawn Idle Animation
Slip Through narrow passes

High Jump
Spin Glide
Side Flip
Wall Jump
Ledge Grab
Mayfly Stares at Things

Dress Up


Music: You - Myuu
Volunteer Spanish Translation: Emmanuel Vargas
Volunteer Promotional Artist: Triston Miller
Volunteer French Translations: Raphaël Corbin
Volunteer Norwigian Translations: Deadly Ponys
Guest Featured Artwork: Aaron Metallion
Katabelle as Voice of Mayfly
Everything else: Sayuri Naggata

If you find any glitches, please report them here:


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Glass Wing Retold [0.1J] WIN.zip 76 MB
Glass Wing Retold [0.1J] MAC.zip 79 MB


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